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Siberian Husky Inc.

Siberian Husky Rescue Inc.


Siberian Husky Rescue Inc. was created to save the lives of orphaned Siberian Huskies, Malamutes and Husky Mixes and find them loving homes.

What We Do

We rescue Siberian Huskies, Malamutes and Husky Mixes. We spay/neuter and give shots to all of our dogs.  We work with them to give them some training and see how they do with people, other dogs and cats, and also temperament test all of our dogs. We do home checks to be sure the dogs and the homes are good for each other. All adopters must sign a contract which states that if the dog does not work out for them, it must be returned to Siberian Husky Rescue Inc.  The adopter takes the adopted dog as is and assumes full care and any needed vet treatment after signing the contract. We generally do not have puppies, just adult dogs, most are young to middle age, some are older.

A small adoption fee is required for all adoptions.

Who We Are

I have been doing Siberian Husky Rescue both in Alaska and now in Arizona for over 40 years. I am a retired accountant but have been active in animal work all of my life, since I was a child. I love all animals but Siberian Huskies are my favorite dogs, I help other rescues with other breeds, mixed breeds and cats. I devote my life to helping these dogs. I spend almost all of my Social Security on them.


We are a non-profit organization created for the purpose of saving the lives of Siberian Huskies, Malamutes and Husky Mixes that have been given up by their former owners or lived in very poor conditions  and were removed from thei owners by Pima Animal Control.  We provide all necessary care for as long as it takes to get the dogs well enough to be adopted out to new homes.  Some dogs have been in our rescue for years because they have conditions that require a lot of expensive veterinary treatment or have a lot of temperment issues that need to be addressed before they are ready for a new home.  Some dogs are too old, and we keep them until they pass away. We provide all necessary veterinary care for all of our dogs.


Rescue (520) 888-8644
Cell (520) 401-8644

We are located in Tucson, Arizona.

Donations are greatly appreciated.

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